Our History

Since 1872, Wappner Funeral Directors & Crematory has been the trusted name in funeral and cremation services to Mansfield, Ohio.

Peter J. Faust and Philip Wappner, Sr. formed a partnership in the “Furniture and Undertaking” business in the Hartman Building in 1872. At the beginning, the business mostly was dependent on manufacturing furniture. But in 1879, Wappner became one of the charter members of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association and relocated to South Park St. in 1883.

In 1890, Henry Wappner entered into the business with Philip Wappner, Sr. and the two continued the business as Wappner Brothers.

Charles Wappner took over the business from his father, Philip, in 1919 and moved the location to southeast corner of Second and Diamond St.

When Charles died in 1925, his widow, Irilla Wappner, continued the business and became the first female director in the county.

In 1926, Wappner acquired the Peter Remy home at 98 South Diamond St., which is still there today.

Many people ask about the large grandfather clocks found in each of our three locations. Back in the day, when Wappner was a furniture store, our family used to rent out hospital beds, some beds were traded for grandfather clocks. The clocks are now a Wappner tradition, which is why we included them as part of our logo.