Condolences for Philip “Vic” Clark


The World is left without a GREAT Man in it. Vic Clark you were a special guy with intergri


Martha Ogle

We’ve lost a true horseman. So deeply involved in the industry in many capacities, as seen in his obituary... amazing man and A dear friend of mine, and so many. Vic, without you, I’d have quit the horse business when I just got started. Too many wrongs in it But you hired me, to break colts, fit futurity babies, taught me so much more... and made it fun, with Libby Clark. We won and won... and I revived from the bad guys that tried to discourage me. Your knowledge and guidance, helped me continue my passion and career!!! You saw potential in me, and fed it. I was finally able to grab onto my passion again. Thank you. Thank you. And you had more talent with your pinky finger on a rein, than I could ever get! God blessed me, when our paths crossed, in 1982!! Love to you Libby. I’m amazed at your strength. He sure loves you. ??


Martha Ogle

It was such a shock to here about Vic passing. I will never forget him, and all he did for me back in the early 80’s, when I was starting my horse training career. When things went haywire for my job, he and Libby hired me to help with all their futurity babies. I was ready to seek a different life and quit the horse business! But with his nudges, I found out that it’s fun, with the RIGHT PEOPLE! He never stopped encouraging me. Teaching me. Giving advice. And loads of laughs and hugs. Libby, you were his rock. We have made so many great memories together. I’m going to miss him every tax season, too. That’s when we’d get to chat mostly. My prayers go up for Peace and comfort, Libby, and all of you. ?


Bill & Ann Lanning.... and Joe Edge

We were stunned when we received word of Vic's passing. He was such a well loved man and never will we forget his many kindnesses to us throughout the years and that huge warm smile that lit up his face. He was a lover of horses and contributed so much through the many ways he was involved with the horse industry. He will be forever missed by all who knew him.


Dale Livingston

I sure will miss my Freind Vic and all those discussions about horses and training And Most Of All How Good God Has Been To Us!!! Thank you Lord for giving me a Freind like Vic for as long as he was here!!! I intend to see my Freind again so it’s not So Long!!...It Is... I Will Catch Up With You Later Pard!!!


Dale Livingston

I miss my Freind Vic so much and the only thing that makes it easier is the thought of my Good Freind On A Good Horse Walking On The Pathway Of Peace...And Jogging Down The Roadway Of Righteousness...And Loping On The Highway Of Holiness....And Then He Galloped Through The Gateway To Glory!!!!... He’s In A 4 Square City Now Where The Lamb Is The Light!!!...No More Sorrow And No More Strife!!...Just Joy Unspeakable And Full Of Glory!!!...See Ya Later Pard!!...Luv Ya Vic


beth and paul johnson III

god's gift to you was your talent. your gift to god was how you used it. we send our love and many hugs to libby and your family. the world will not be the same without your wit and intelligence.


Kathy Stoops

When I think of Vic I think of the Congress--they go hand in hand. He will be missed by so many in the horse world! Love and prayers to his wife and family!


Carol Roth

My life became entangled with Vic through a stallion by the name of Jonmar Jack. That was back in 1980. Vic became my accountant, mentor n friend. I'll always remember his big smile at every chance for a big ole hug. I tagged along with he and Libby at a freezing cold Spring Keeneland Sale. Vic was tireless. I watched and listened as the Horse Master worked his way through the sale catalog choices and then thinning them out one by one. See you on the other side ,counting horses. Carol Roth



Brandy murphy

I always loved talking to you vic i will miss you dearly


Dot (& Sweetie) Martin

Sweet Vic was always like a brother to Sweetie. We always loved his precious smile & hugs; and the way he would say “what are you doing?” when he would call ... that always made us smile. Thank you, Libby, for making his life so beautifully happy! XO


Dave and Helaine Crawford

We are so sorry to hear about Vic, Libby. Vic always had a smile and a joke. You two were great horse show companions. Our hearts ache for your loss.


Beth and Steve Conrad

Prayers and sympathy. He was always laughing snd I loved his wit. Amazing horse breeders. Hugs..LIbby


Roy(R.Lee) Price

Brothers of a different mother, Punkin, we’ve known each other for over 45 years. Libby, I can’t say more than I already have. I love you like a sister, and our memories will last forever. Vic, we will see each other again.... PS: Carol said we will always need an extension! We have been through a lot of great times, love and tears. We are all there for Libby, and always will be. Happy Trails, Partner??